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Ear Candles

I practice ear candling with Hopi ear candles, also known as thermo-auricular therapy.

The treatment is suitable for any age, and is a non invasive procedure that many people report to benefit from.

The treatment is performed with you laying on your side, and the candle is inserted gently into your outer ear. It takes up to 15 minutes each side and both ears will be treated.

The top of the candle is lit, and you will here a gentle popping and fizzing noise as the candle burns. Many people report their ear pressure changing, and sometimes your ear may gurgle a little as the pressure equalises.

Ear candling can serve as a gentle alternative to ear syringing, and patients often find it assists in loosening wax.

It can also help to restore pressure in your ear before flying or engaging in scuba diving.

The treatment ends with a gentle facial massage which helps relieve congestion, provides deeper relaxation as well as a nourishing treat for your skin.


Ear Candling
45 minutes …. £38.00

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