Massage FAQ

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, cheque, all major credit and debit cards.

I am under the care of a chiropractor/osteopath/physiotherapist/acupuncturist/doctor etc, but I would like a massage. Is this ok?

Massage is a complementary therapy and in most cases works well alongside other complementary or conventional treatments.

However, please take advice from your existing therapist/doctor in case massage might affect the treatment they are already providing.

I am always happy to take advice from other healthcare professionals so if your chiropractor or physio thinks that massage to a specific area would be beneficial, I am happy to take instruction from them.

How often do I need to have a massage?

If you are suffering only minor aches and pains or prone to occasional tension, most people find that having a massage every 4-6 weeks is ideal at preventing problems from escalating or developing in the first place.

However, if you are recovering from an injury or training hard perhaps for an event such as a Marathon, you may feel the need to have more regular treatments, at least in the first instance.

All Remedial & Sports massage treatments are tailored to your own requirements and I will discuss and advise you on the frequency of treatments on your first appointment and review this on a regular basis.

I have heard about a National register of massage therapists? Are you on it?

Although regulation with the CNHC is currently voluntary, I am on their register.

This means that I abide by a standard code of conduct and that my qualifications are validated by the regulator so you can be confident of a high standard of treatment.

I would like a Full Body Massage but hate having my feet/knees/face/stomach touched. Can I still have a treatment?

Of course! If there is any area you would rather I avoid during massage, just let me know before I start.

You are always in control of your treatment and you will get the most benefit by being as relaxed as possible from the start. If this means that you would rather not have treatment to a specific area, so be it!

I have an injury but don’t like deep massage. Is there anything you can do?

Yes! I only ever use as much pressure as you are comfortable with. If Sports/Remedial Massage isn't the right option for you, the more gentle Swedish techniques can be used. I will always discuss treatment with you before starting a massage and I encourage feedback throughout the appointment so that you get exactly the right treatment for you.

What should I wear for my appointment?

If you are having a bench-based treatment, you will need to undress the areas to be treated. Please make sure you are wearing appropriate underwear and bear in mind that I use oils. Comfortable loose-fitting clothing is advised for areas not being worked and for comfort during the assessment.

If you are having your legs treated, some people prefer to wear shorts or swimwear for modesty. Seated Acupressure and Indian Head Massage treatments are performed through the clothes so you can wear whatever you feel comfortable with. When the neck and shoulders are being treated, it is advisable to remove necklaces and earrings. Watches, bracelets and rings should be removed for treatments to the arms and hands.

I’m pregnant. Can I have a massage?

Yes! I hold a Well Mother Diploma in Massage for Pregnancy and I am qualified to treat during all stages of pregnancy, including the First Trimester. Please see the section on Massage for Pregnancy or call me on 02393 233140 for more details.